Thursday, October 14, 2010

The delivery truck having a wee problem, this load contained about 18 000 lbs of building materials. Amazing truck and even more amazing driver. Thank you Huey!

The snow line is beginning to drop in the Cariboos. The wind has picked up bringing the sharp crispness of winter in it's wake. The construction crew just spent another nine days working on the sleeping chalet in the North Blue. The flash flood that occurred at the end of September just about severed the thin thread that links us to the outside world...our road almost washed out. It also wreaked havoc at the Bone Creek project. The cold wet weather of September left a foot or more of fresh snow in the alpine. A cell of intensely warm air drifted through the region then it was immediately followed by a day of torrential rains. The snowpack runoff combined with the heavy rainfall was too much for waterways to bear pushing the limits of culverts, ditches and eventually road and trail beds.

The second floor of the sleeping chalet with master builder Dave working until late in the evening.

The bedrooms each have a window looking out at the wild snowy peaks of the Cariboos. Each room is small but provides a private space to rest in the glory of powder skiing nirvana. Downstairs there is a cozy wood stove to sit and enjoy the views or read a book by. The facilities are starting to really take shape and this dream to have a cabin in the mountains is slowly becoming a reality.

To be honest we just love and live for powder skiing. We can describe what we are selling with all the applicable superlatives that get slung out into backcountry skiing advertising campaigns...we have fallen victim to that. Here you will only understand what makes this place different and worthy of the most discerning backcountry skiers, if you come to experience it.

We can tell you it's the best and the biggest and the deepest and all that...but really we are first and foremost skiers so this place was chosen for the outstanding ski terrain. We are wilderness lovers and we know.... there is something extra special about the the secret Cariboos.

This is our first operational season the bits and pieces are coming together to give us a solid and successful beginning.

Blue River backcountry skiing will get into your bones....Blue River will get into your bones...most people find it hard to leave...and they always, always can't wait to come back.

Come join us and we'll take you someplace very special.

There is no turning back....

The snowcat in with comfy heated passenger box coming this November.

Snowy Mountain Alpine Tours and Chalets will be exhibiting at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Trade Show November 5-8th, 2010.

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  1. Awesome! So cool to see things rolling! I can't wait to visit you guys!